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Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac Rehabilitation is a medically supervised exercise program, 

which helps to improve the health and well-being of people who have certain types of heart problems. Entrance to the 
Cardiac Rehab program requires a physician order and a diagnosis of heart attack, angina, bypass graft, heart valve replacement or repair, or stent placement. A walking treadmill test must be performed with a cardiologist to make sure the patient is physically stable enough to exercise and to set goals/limits for exercise. The Cardiac Rehab program consists of one hour of exercise on the machines three days per week for a total of 36 sessions, consisting of two phases. The first phase consists of a twelve to eighteen week program to specifically monitor weight gain, blood pressure, heart rate, and rhythm. The second phase is for the patient who would like to continue the exercise program once the initial phase is completed. This is done on a monthly basis. Patients are monitored by a dedicated Registered Nurse who encourages and educates the patient and helps set-up an individualized exercise program.
Cardiac Rehab is located within the Therapy Services Department.


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