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Senior Life Solutions

Senior Life Solutions is a confidential place where change occurs with the assistance of staff providing therapeutic interventions. These interventions are explored during group discussions of life challenges and transitions leading to healthy ways to cope in the present and future. There are three therapy groups a day along with a nursing group in which education is provided on medication management, disease processes or mind/body connections. Each Client has the ability to teach and learn from others thus creating a bond and essentially their own support group. The program treatment lasts for 6-12 weeks (2-4 days per week), and provides follow-up care after discharge. Individuals who have graduated from the program attend a monthly alumni meeting where each client has the opportunity to share their experiences and triumphs. The program is unique for this region and serves the communities in Wayne, White, Edwards, Clay, Richland, and Jefferson counties.
Mental stability is fundamental to your overall health and is essential to personal well-being and the ability to lead a balanced and productive life. Mental health problems can impair a person's thinking, feelings, and behavior and can be serious and disabling. According to the U.S. Surgeon General's report on mental health, more than half of all Americans with a severe mental illness fail to seek treatment. Many people do not receive treatment for mental health problems due to a lack of awareness of the problem, fear of stigma, or lack of access to appropriate services. Yet, overall quality of life is greatly improved when a person with a mental health issue receives an early diagnosis and receives appropriate treatment. Remember, if you’d like to discover how to handle life’s challenges, keep your body strong and enjoy life once again, call FMH Senior Life Solutions at 618-847-8298.

To request help or more information, call 618-847-8298

There are also numerous staff members who strive daily to ensure that the clients in Senior Life Solutions live their lives to the fullest! Each staff member has a special place in their hearts for the clients they treat. The FMH Senior Life Solutions Team is multi-disciplinary in design to ensure the best quality patient care possible. The team includes a Psychiatrist, Program Director, Program Nurse, Primary Therapists, Unit Clerk, the patient, family member(s) and the Primary Care Physician.


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