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Fairfield Memorial Hospital 360 Wellness Day Draws in a Large Crowd

Fairfield Memorial Hospital 360 Wellness Day Event was held Saturday, July 13th from 9am-1pm in the front lawn of Fairfield Memorial Hospital.  Over 750 people attended this fun-filled informative event!

The day kicked off with a dynamic warm-up from Fairfield Memorial Hospital’s Therapy Department. After getting everyone warmed up for the day the activities continued with Betty Kimpel starting off the crowd with a Strong 30 exercise class, followed by Unleashed Strength and Fitness to get some intense strength core exercises in for the day.  Betty Kimpel then returned for an exciting and fun class of Zumba.

During all the excitement and music being played with the exercise classes, the community had the chance to walk around and check out all the interactive and informative booths Fairfield Memorial Hospital had to offer.  Everyone was able to visit booths, learn about more services, win prizes, grab a massage with Paula Bush, fix up a treat with FMH Dietary Services “Make Your Own Trail Mix”, visit Air Evac and their helicopter that flew in for the event and so much more!

Along with all the classes and information the adults took part in, the children were able to enjoy flavored lemonade provided by Fairfield Memorial Hospital, bounce in one of the six bouncy houses available, join in on some fun yard games and cool off with a tasty Tropical Snow treat!

Guests were then able to enjoy a free luncheon cook-out provided by Fairfield Memorial Hospital’s Dietary Services and Maintenance crew.  During this time, Fairfield Memorial Hospital’s Dietary Manager April Greifzu and Fairfield Memorial Hospital’s Dietitian Whitney Buckles RD, LDN, put on a wonderful cooking demonstration on making a delicious flank steak salad for attendees.

After everyone had a chance to taste test the delicious salad the community was able to enjoy guest speakers who came out for the event, Pharmacist Ed Potts, owner of Ed’s Medicenter and lifestyle coach, and Gerry Kinney. Ed spoke about healthy living and tips on living a healthy lifestyle and how his lifestyle change saved his life.  Following Ed, another special guest joined the excitement at the 360 Wellness Day, Gerry Kinney, who was a lineman for Wayne White County Electric Co-op when he came in contact with a 7,200 volt transmission line.  His amazing story of recovery was shared along with stories of the healthcare community, especially Fairfield Memorial Hospital, who helped him along the way.

Guests were also given 7 raffle tickets to put in 7 of their choosing for the 26 raffle baskets Fairfield Memorial were raffling off at the end of the event. The winners of these baskets are as follows: Don Brake, Lindsey Endsley, Elliott Rodgers, Susan Suddarth, Anita Byars, Tessa McCormick, Tresa Smith, Caryl Speir, Teresa Trotter, Cory Lunch, Jaden Vangilder, Jaclyn Billington, Edith Breuer, Collen Senters, Chris L, Teresa Maguire, Carey Spell, Jennifer Bowers, Gina Shelton, Jason McCulley, Sue Fuller, Donna Masterson, Jered White and LaDonna Isle.

“We couldn’t be more pleased and grateful for the staff that put in the hard work they did to make this event possible and to see the number of people from the community who came out to support this event. We are so blessed to live in the community we do and we wanted to show our appreciation to all of our patients and community members by providing this fun filled and informative event to show how Fairfield Memorial Hospital is able to help with each person’s 360 wellness from the physical well-being to the emotional and mental well-being. Without our community we wouldn’t be where we are today and for that we are so thankful!” commented FMH CEO, Katherine Bunting-Williams.

Fairfield Memorial Hospital would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who came out and supported this event and to all of the people who helped make this day possible. The FMH 360 Wellness Day will be an annual event and we look forward to continue this exciting event for the future.  For more information on Fairfield Memorial Hospital’s services and activities coming up, be sure to follow us on Facebook. To learn more about any of the services that Fairfield Memorial Hospital has to offer, please call 618-842-2611 or you can reach Administration at 618-847-8243.

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