General X-Ray


An X-ray uses minimal doses of radiation to capture images of the body. The FMH Radiology Department utilizes advanced digital technology to produce high images. These images are transmitted through a digital network to Radiologists for reading. This means less waiting time for diagnostic procedures, less time spent being imaged, and lower radiation exposure. The findings can be quickly transmitted electronically within the hospital, to the offices of primary care providers, and consulting specialists in a short period of time.

Types of X-ray exams include:

  • Routine X-rays (Chest, Abdomen, Extremities, Spine, etc.)
  • VCUG
  • Gastrointestinal X-rays (Barium Swallow, Upper GI Series, Small Bowel Series, Barium Enema)

FMH does a variety general radiography and fluoroscopy procedures.

  • Floating Diagnostic Imaging table for easier patient accessibility
  • Computed Radiography-X-Ray information put on imaging plates instead of conventional film