Mewes, FNP-C

Sherry Mewes, FNP-C

Sherry Mewes is a Certified Family Nurse Practitioner who sees patients of all ages. When choosing where she wanted to begin her practice, she immediately felt that Horizon Healthcare has a wonderful group of providers to join. For her, it especially felt right after spending 123 hours with Marla Lafikes, M.D., Medical Director at Horizon Healthcare, during her professional training.  During her time working with Dr. Lafikes, she especially enjoyed women’s and children’s health.

“I am enjoying the opportunity to provide care for those from my home community. As a Family Nurse Practitioner, I love caring for the smallest newborns to the notable people of the greatest generation within my practice. I simply enjoy women and children's health, because I take pleasure in helping women focus on their wellness, while also managing the overall wellness of their family. I am excited to be part of a team that continually provides the highest quality of care to my home community,” stated Sherry Mewes, FNP-C.

NP Mewes earned her Masters of Science in nursing from the University of Southern Indiana. She also spent clinical hours during her professional training working in other physician offices in primary care and orthopedics, along working with OBGYNs and pediatric newborn care units at larger hospitals. In addition, Sherry has over seven years of experience in the emergency care where she gained valuable knowledge.  Some of her nursing experience in the Emergency Department also occurred at FMH.  NP Mewes is a native of Albion, IL, which therefore solidified her decision to join her local hospital since she is fully vested in her home community’s health.

To schedule an appointment or to become an established patient with Sherry Mewes, FNP-C, call Horizon Healthcare at 618-842-4617.

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