Snowden, PA-C

John Snowden, PA-C

For the past 19 years PA Snowden and his wife, Brenda have been passing through Fairfield on their way to visit family in the Mattoon/Charleston area and West Frankfort/Benton area. Each time they passed through Fairfield they would use the short cut - The Clay City blacktop.  The thing that stuck out to them on these trips was the town was clean, neat, and seemed to be what a small town should be.  Wal-Mart had not killed all of the downtown stores; all of Main Street was not a strip mall.  All of the people they encountered were friendly and helpful.

When PA Snowden and his wife, Brenda, decided to move back to Illinois, they were looking for a small town in central/southern Illinois close to family.  John has 4 brothers in Mattoon/Charleston area and 4 grandchildren there, and Brenda's family (5 brothers and sisters) in the West Frankfort/Benton area.

When PA Snowden found out about the opening at Horizon Healthcare things all seemed to fall into place.  Upon interviewing and accepting the opening at Horizon Healthcare, one week later the couple put a bid on a property in Fairfield that Brenda had found on the internet. They closed on the house in September, and PA John began his duties at Horizon Healthcare on October 10.

During the tour of the Hospital when PA Snowden was interviewed, he whispered to his wife, "Don't pinch me.  I don't want to wake up from this beautiful dream."

"I always told my wife that before I ended my career I wanted to work at one 'CLASSY" place, and I am very happy to say I think we have found it.  We are very happy with the Fairfield, our home and the Hospital.  DON'T PINCH ME," stated John Snowden, PA-C.

John Snowden, PA-C comes to Fairfield with over 20 years of experience and will be seeing patients of all ages. PA Snowden received his Bachelor of Medical Science in Physician Assistant Studies from Saint Louis University School of Allied Health Professions

PA Snowden joined Horizon Healthcare the Fall of 2016 and comes to the organization with extensive experience in multiple healthcare settings, and is a member of the American Academy of Physician Assistants.

Horizon Healthcare
213 N.W. 10th St., Suite A
Fairfield, IL  62837