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You don’t always have to go with the flow. Fairfield Memorial Hospital Urology Clinic can help you get the relief you need. We not only recognize your issues, we listen and give you a solution. At Fairfield Memorial we offer care for a wide range of Urological medical conditions, to include the treatment of bladder and kidney stones, urinary incontinence, erectile dysfunction, overactive bladder and much more! Our new and innovative Urology Clinic focuses on cutting edge care by utilizing on-site radiology, laboratory and advanced surgical techniques. We provide treatment with skill, compassion and commitment to excellence.


At Fairfield Memorial Hospital Urology Clinic we are dedicated to the evaluation and treatment of Urological conditions. We aim to improve our patients well-being and overall quality of life.

Your Urologist knows all about the Urinary System, which includes your kidneys, bladder, ureters (thin muscles that carry urine into your bladder) and urethra (tube that drains urine out of your bladder). Urologists also treat a man’s reproductive system, which includes the penis, testes, scrotum and prostate.


  • Laser Stone Removal
    • Kidney Stones
    • Ureteral Stones
  • Urinary Incontinence
    • Botox
    • Sacral Neuromodulation
    • Slings
    • Bulkamid
  • Erectile Dysfunction
    • Penile Prosthesis
    • Injection Therapy
  • Ureteral Stent Placement
  • Ureteroscopy
  • Urodynamics
  • Adult Circumcision
  • Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
  • Bladder Botox (treatment for an overactive bladder)
  • Transurethral Bladder Tumor Removal
  • Cystocopy
  • Urolift
  • Vasectomy
  • Prostate Biopsy via Transrectal Transducer
  • Urinary Tract Infections
  • Genitourinary Fistulas
  • Interstitial Cystitis (IC)
  • And much more!


You may make an appointment or you physician may offer you to a Urologist if you have:

  • Trouble urinating (peeing), including getting started or having a strong flow of urine, pain, cloudy urine or blood in the urine.
  • Changes in urination, like frequent urination or feeling like you always have to go.
  • Trouble getting or keeping an erection.
  • Infertility.
  • A feeling that something is falling down into your vagina or heaviness in that area.
  • Pelvic pain.
  • Urinating when you don’t want to, like at night or when you sneeze, laugh or exercise.
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Louis Remynse, MD

Board Certified Urologist

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Susanne Remynse, APN, FNP

Urologic Nurse Practitioner

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You can rely on us to get you the relief you need for a happy healthy lifestyle!