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Uhlmann, LCSW

Nicole Uhlmann, LCSW
Nicole Uhlmann, LCSW, is providing counseling services through Horizon Healthcare.  Ms. Uhlmann comes to Horizon Healthcare with experience working with a variety of populations including children, teens, adult, and the elderly, along with working in case management, clinical counseling and in leadership roles.  She has an extensive amount of experience with chemical dependency, along with group treatments that will be helpful when working with those who need family counseling.   
“I am pleased to have joined Fairfield Memorial Hospital in providing Counseling Services.  What I most enjoy about being a Therapist is assisting my clients in overcoming obstacles in their lives. It is rewarding to see them progress from session to session and find success,” stated Nicole Uhlmann, LCSW.  
The Outpatient Behavioral Health Therapy program focuses on providing counseling services to individuals, couples and families, including children, teens, and adults.  Those dealing with issues of anxiety, depression, family conflict, medical illness, and behavioral difficulties can benefit from the program, as well as those with a more severe mental health diagnosis.  A variety of interventions and coping skills will be provided, based upon individual treatment planning and agreed upon by the patient and the healthcare team. 
To schedule an appointment with Nicole Uhlmann, LCSW, call Horizon Healthcare at 618-842-4617.  Physician referral is not required. 
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