Fairfield Memorial Hospital’s construction on our expansion project continues to progress! We are very excited about what this expansion represents for our hospital and the communities we serve.  Fairfield Memorial is going to offer weekly updates on the expansion project to keep our community informed as we continue to grow for the needs of our patients.

The week of October 12th construction went strong after having all of the steel beams in place for the expansion. During this week the construction crew placed and graded a rock base course for the West parking lot, they then installed blockouts and sleeves on the 2nd and 3rd floors for mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection lines that will penetrate the floors.

Some of the other achievements during this week was installing the plumbing under floor slab drainage system on first floor and pouring two of the three sequences of the concrete floor slab on the 2nd floor.  While this is going on the crew will be working toward completion of the metal decking on 3rd floor and the roof of the expansion.

Some things you may notice is the structural framing of the roof of the building is designed with a slight slope (1/4 inch per foot) with the roof sloping downward to the roof drains to avoid ponding of rainwater. There are two rows of roof drains and one is about 1/3 of the width of the building from the north face and the other is about the same distance from the south face of the building.

During the week of October 19th you will expect to see the West parking lot being paved with asphalt material. They will then complete the curb and gutter on the service road located in front of the Hospital. The construction crew will also wrap up and complete the 3rd sequence of the 2nd floor concrete deck, finish the installation of metal decking and complete the welding of the moment connections. After the completion of those projects they will then begin to install roof curbs and penetrations for mechanical equipment located on the roof of the expansion.  This will then lead to pouring the 1st sequence of the 3rd floor concrete slab.