Fairfield Memorial Hospital recently received a $100 grant from Hershey’s Heartwarming Project. This submission was entered by six year old Perry Kimberlin of Fairfield. Youth Service America (YSA) was searching for Heartwarming Young Heroes with creative ideas to foster meaningful connections, promote inclusion and teach empathy.

Perry, who has been enjoying the progress of the new building expansion at Fairfield Memorial Hospital, decided to submit a grant application to help fund new equipment for the new addition.  The requirements for this grant was to plan a youth-led service project or community-building activity for Global Youth Service Day and engage at least 10, 25, or 50 other youth participants (volunteers) depending on grant size. As a part of Perry’s “Be the Change” project he decided to set up buckets for loose change at retail stores, grocery stores, schools and the hospital. The money from the buckets will also go towards the new equipment for the Fairfield Memorial Hospital’s expansion.

Some locations you can find these donation buckets are at North Side Elementary School (each class), Kincaids, Wayne City Schools, Autozone, Fairfield Memorial Hospital, CDC, La Fuente, Clothesline, Fairfield National Bank, Fairfield Banking Company, Conard Financial and Peoples National Bank

“When I first heard of Perry’s gesture to help the hospital purchase new equipment I was astounded.  I was so incredibly proud and grateful to know that someone so young was taking this kind of initiative towards a project that our community will benefit from for years and years to come. Our hospital is essential for our community's health care and it is people like Perry that help continue our growth towards the needs of our patients.” stated FMH CEO Katherine Bunting-Williams.

When asked why Perry chose the hospital his response was “I just love to help people”. This is something that Fairfield Memorial Hospital loves to see in future generations to come.

Schools and businesses may contact DeWayne Kissner at 618-383-4463 to request a fundraising bucket. You may also mail in donations to Dewayne Kissner PO Box 84

Fairfield Illinois 62837.

Perry and Dr. Molt
Perry Kimberlin