Recently, the Clover Buds (a 4H Youth Group), donated blankets to Fairfield Memorial Hospital Emergency Department.

4-H Cloverbud membership is reserved for kids who are 5 to 7 years old. The focus of Cloverbuds is to introduce kids to all that 4-H has to offer. 4-H Cloverbud programs are developmentally appropriate, activity-focused, and build on cooperative learning.

Several Wayne County 4H clubs have Cloverbuds made up of siblings/friends that are just not old enough to be in 4H "club" yet.

Each Cloverbud group has a "group" project for presenting at the fair on general project day. The blankets that were donated to the pediatric patients at FMH was the Cloverbud group project this year.

“We started the blankets at one of our earlier meetings and have worked on them at our monthly meetings, after finishing the half a dozen we have the group voted on where they wanted to donate them. It was unanimous that they be given to kids in the hospital.  Who doesn't feel better with a blanket, right?  And, they wanted them to be colorful to maybe make their visit/stay a little brighter. As their leader, along with the families, we wanted the boys and girls to have an opportunity to see and feel what it was like to do something for others and then make a commitment to the hospital to continue to supply the lap blankets as much as possible.” commented Gayle McGehee, Cloverbud Group Leader.

Pictured left to right is Lincoln Murphy, Dr. Beeler, Corinne Bittles, Kayleigh Mourey, ER Nurse Manager, Rachel Hooper-Moore, and Carson Black.