Claims are filed upon the patient’s behalf based on the information provided at the time of registration. Fairfield Memorial Hospital assumes no liability for pending, delayed, or disputed medical claims. The guarantor of the patient bill will be billed for any remaining balance after the insurance has paid their portion. If no payment has been received from the insurance company 30 days after they were billed, we will look to the guarantor for payment. Any insurance payment received after the guarantor has paid the balance will be refunded to the guarantor.


Insurance and Pre-Certification

To ensure your peace of mind while you are hospitalized, we suggest that prior to your admission you be aware of the type of coverage your insurance policy provides. Check with your place of employment or your insurance company for any unique requirements. It is your responsibility to determine if pre-certification is required and to provide your insurance company with the appropriate information prior to your hospital visit. You will need to bring your insurance card and your pre-certification number when you come to the hospital. If you need assistance, please call Registration at 618-847-8275.


Pre-Certification Requirements

If any insurance company or third-party payer requires pre-certification, it is the responsibility of the insured to contact them to obtain authorization for services. Additionally, some physicians may not be participating providers in the same insurance plans and networks as the hospital.



Claims are submitted to Part A and/or Part B Medicare upon the beneficiary’s behalf. In addition, up to two Medicare supplemental insurance of the patient’s choice will also be filed. The beneficiary is responsible for any deductible and/or co-insurance and non-covered services (such as a private room) not paid by their insurance.


Illinois Department of Public Aid

Recipients are responsible for presenting their medical cards at the time of registration. It is important that you be aware that there is a time deadline for submitting claims to the state. If you fail to furnish your medical card to the Business Office within the required time frame, you will then be held responsible for payment of your bill even though you were covered by a valid medical card at the time of service.