PET/CT assists with diagnosing and the management of Oncology, Cardiology, and Neurology diseases.

PET/CT is the leading diagnostic tool for many types of cancer, coronary heart disease and neurological problems. PET/CT is the most advanced, whole body imaging tool available and is an invaluable clinical test for both adults and children.

In oncology, PET/CT is the only modality that can accurately image multiple organs at once to diagnose malignancy and even provide information about whether or not cancer has spread to other parts of the body. In addition to cancer studies, PET/CT examines patients for myocardial infarctions and looks for reversible damage as opposed to permanent heart damage. PET is also used in neurological studies, investigating brain metabolism in patients with dementia and epilepsy.

PET is a molecular imaging procedure that generates pictures of the location and extent of disease. By imaging the molecular, biological and functional basis for disease, PET/CT enable a physician to detect abnormal cell growth and activity that may have previously been missed by conventional technologies such as CT or MRI. This information aids in the early detection and improved treatment of many diseases, allowed enhanced capabilities in pre-surgical staging, eliminates the need of invasive procedures, enhances therapy monitoring capabilities and reduces the number of diagnostic tests.

PET/CT images are created with the help of three technologies: the cyclotron, which produces safe radioisotopes; the scanner, which records the location of the radioactive tracer as it accumulates in different tissues in the body; and a computer, which reconstructs the signals into three-dimensional images of the body.

PET/CT is a new service we are now offering and should not be confused with the CT scanner. These pieces of equipment complement each other. Each piece of equipment has its specialty: CT looks at anatomy in 3-D formatting, and PET/CT specifically identifies abnormal physiology of tissue or cancer. Therefore, PET/CT is now accepted as the improved and innovative tool for cancer imaging.

PET/CT is available at Fairfield Memorial Hospital via a mobile unit provided by Shared Medical Services. Your Physician may schedule your PET/CT scan by calling 1-800-500-4014.

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