Social Services

Members of Fairfield Memorial Hospital’s Social Services Department are here to help residents, patients and families understand and cope with the social, psychological, emotional and medical issues resulting from an illness. We provide services to assist patients and their families adjust to the impact of illness and help them plan for future health care needs through education and referrals to appropriate community resources.

Our department works as part of your health care team to ensure continuity of care and to make sure that your social, psychological, and emotional needs are being met. Some of the services we provide include:

Discharge Planning

Social service staff members will meet with the patients and their families early during the hospital stay to begin the discharge planning process. We help patients and families plan for any anticipated needs once they leave the hospital. This may include referrals for:

  • Home care services
  • Rehabilitation therapy
  • Skilled care / Nursing home placement
  • Medical equipment
  • Financial assistance
  • Community resources

Patient & Family Education

Social service staff members are available to educate and assist patients and their families on how to best access the appropriate resources that correlate with their individual needs. Below are just a few of the services we can provide education and assistance with.

Advanced Directives

Social service staff members provide assistance with the completion of Advanced Directives forms free of charge as a service to the community. To make an appointment please contact (618) 847-8298.

Illinois Department of Public Health Advanced Directives statement and forms

Patient Advocacy

Social service staff members act as patient advocates. As a patient advocate you can expect staff members to:

  • Educate patients and families regarding the most appropriate resources available to meet their needs
  • Assist patients in understanding their rights and responsibilities
  • Work as part of the health care team to ensure continuity of care


Social service staff members are specially trained professionals that are able to assist patients and families in coping with their emotions, fears and concerns regarding their illness or the changes that may accompany an illness. They have the skills and compassion to counsel patients and families through the difficulties of adjusting to a chronic illness, adapting new lifestyle changes, preparing for end-of-life decisions or the loss of a loved one, and stress reduction through crisis management.

Skilled Care Unit

In addition to providing services to patients and their families who are being treated in the Emergency Department or as an inpatient on our medical floor, members of Fairfield Memorial Hospital’s Social Service Department also provide services to residents in our Skilled Care Unit.

Skilled Care Unit residents can expect to receive services from Social Service staff members such as discharge planning, patient and family education, patient advocacy and counseling, in addition to services that meet the specialized needs of those needing care in a Skilled Care Unit.

Social Service staff are part of the health care team and work closely with residents and their families to assist in the improvement of their functions of daily living in order for residents to return to their preferred living environment. If long term placement is needed, social service staff members work diligently to assist residents and families adjust to those changes and provide the appropriate resources needed.

Activity Department

The Activity Director and Activity Assistant provide planned and therapeutic activities that assist in keeping the residents physically and mentally active, which helps to improve their quality of life. Residents are active participants in planning these activities and reflect the interests of the residents. Activities promote social interaction, continued independence, empowerment, physical activity, and entertainment and are scheduled throughout the day, 7 days a week. For those residents that prefer not to participate in group activities or those not physically or mentally able, one to one activities are also part of the activity schedule.

In addition to the planned activities, the Activity Director coordinates the monthly Resident Council meeting. This meeting may be attended by any resident wishing to participate and a community liaison that is voted on by the council. These meetings allow the residents to develop suggestions on improving services, discuss concerns and assist in the planning of future activities. Resident Council meetings also enhance and facilitate communication within the Skilled Care Unit, along with promoting friendships among the residents.

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